Are you letting your people down?

Our global workplace study explores what it means to be people first – today and in the future of work.

Do what matters to elevate the Workplace Experience

The new world of work requires organizations to carefully rethink who works, why they work, where they work, and the way work is accomplished. Workplace Experience (WX) is a framework that brings IT, HR and Line of Business leaders together to generate sustainable value – and ultimately become more people-centric, resilient and agile.

Turn your workplace into a business value engine with our holistic WX model

Reconfigure how work gets done and adapt work environments to sustainably improve customer experience (CX) and business performance.

Microsoft Power Platform

A business application platform enabling businesses to create and deploy tailored apps, reports, and workflows

Power platform is a business process automation solution that combines the robust power of Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automate into one business application platform, thereby, providing quick and easy app building and data insights with a low code approach to improve business productivity in a simplified way.

Secured Digital Collaboration Platform

A Productivity and Collaboration suite for the Workplace

TSecured Digital Collaboration is the bedrock of corporate life because without efficient and effective collaborations, organizations cannot function in this digital era. Adopting SDCP reduces the risk of data leaks and security breaches which may lead to loss of business, legal sanctions, and damaged corporate reputation. At Signal Alliance, we drive the adoption of Secured Digital Collaborations Platform

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automates your business processes using software robots to perform tasks

Companies worldwide are turning to intelligent automation to power a digital workforce. Intelligent automation augments robotic process automation with AI technologies. With intelligent automation, businesses can reduce inconsistent processes, accurately predict demand fluctuations, and rapidly adjust without manual intervention.

Unified Endpoint Management

Protect your organisation from modern threats using smart infrastructures.

Transform mainframe constraints into business value with a value driven approach to migration and modernizat...

Identity & Access Management

Meet your ESG goals and drive innovation

Protect, manage users’ identities, and control rights to resources with Microsoft 365.

Embrace WX to thrive in the continual change era

Enable employees to benefit from a more collaborative and innovative workplace.

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