Evolving IT to deliver business value

IDC analysts explain what organizations need most from managed service providers.

Manage and evolve to enable continuous value

The need to evolve your business technology has never been greater. As the world goes through change at an unprecedented rate, organizations must rethink their expectations from managed services and demand more from their provider. Width managed services help you to thrive in a world of continual change by taking advantage of the latest technology innovations faster and accelerating your digital maturity to build resilience and agility.

We bring together your service experience, business value and technology evolution

With the products and features that Width has helped us create, the typical user saves time. Our ability to create these types of features more than doubles with Width. These features help to increase revenue because it helps us improve our primary product that we sell to our customers

Onsite Support

Make your investments work harder

This service provides you with highly skilled and experienced talents, available to work and support your organization within your office environment.

Offsite Support

Turn your data into opportunities

This service provides you with efficient remote assistance in software application development, infrastructure support, end user support and much more.

Managed full IT

Break down internal siloes

This service consists of comprehensive, integrated suite of services to effectively manage the organization’s infrastructure end-end.

Mainframe Migration & Modernization

Add intelligence to process

Transform mainframe constraints into business value with a value driven approach to migration and modernizat...

Manage and evolve my application portfolio

Meet your ESG goals and drive innovation

Modernize and evolve applications with cutting edge technologies and skills. Delivering more value fro...

Realize the business benefits of managed services

Our commitment to delivering business value is recognized by clients and analysts, with analyst firm IDC showcasing the benefits that have been achieved using Width’s Managed Services: Payback period 10 months. ROI: 433%, $6.83 million additional revenue per organization, 50% faster application development, 45% more efficient core IT operations, 65% less unplanned downtime

Next steps

Find out more about how our solutions can accelerate your business transformation and innovation.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are making good I.T. decisions, and are realising business value from their I.T. investments.

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